Security and Risk

Accelerate transformation – with trust.

Cybersecurity: the foundation of trust required for your digital transformation 

Cyber crime is one of the biggest challenges companies face today. Cyber-attacks are gaining ground and are becoming the fastest-growing criminal activity in the world. Key trends such as mobility, cloud, big data, IoT, AI or machine learning increase the risk of cyber-attacks. Reputational damage, fraud, data theft, and downtime: we must limit and manage these risks.


Companies must embrace a true digital culture of resilience and trust. Therefore, cybersecurity has become a key catalyst for your digital transformation. Accordingly, there is a need to prevent risks, protect sensitive information, detect and respond to attacks to ensure business continuity.

A security-focused approach

At Computech, we are convinced that trust in your digital assets and sensitive infrastructures has become key to developing your organization. Our approach, focused on business risks and cross-cutting your organization, is becoming essential to disseminate a safety culture in your teams and ensure the digital security of your systems.


Our approach is structured around the security life cycle: forprevention, we define and test a global cybersecurity strategy with you, and then implement solutions toprotectyour digital heritage through your identities, applications and data. Finally, we rely onSecurity Operations Centers(SOC) todetectandrespondto security incidents.


With the digitization and development of IoT, cyber crime is increasingly affecting production systems, particularly in the industrial field. We raise your teams’ awareness of these new challenges and provide appropriate security measures.


Innovative solutions to accelerate development for your organization 

To provide concrete and innovative solutions to your business transformation challenges, we have formed partnerships with leading players in the field such as Fortinet or Microsoft. 


Now cybersecurity is everyone’s business. Together, let’s put cybersecurity at the heart of your business. 



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