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Computech Technology Center
New $3 Million Technology Center to set SXM as hub of the region
Center to create innovative businesses solutions for customers in the country  

GALISBAY, Saint Martin — The new Computech Technology Center on the island of Saint Martin is set to revolutionize the way local and regional businesses access Information Technology opportunities.

Following years of preparation, the state-of-the-art center officially opens on Wednesday January 30 with a team of 11 highly skilled and trained employees to bring first class options to businesses plagued with global problems and limitations.

“There are centers like this all over the world,” explained co-founder Jean Arnell, a native of the island.  “Through this elaborate facility, Saint Martin is positioning itself to be a trailblazer in IT in the Leeward Islands and much of the Caribbean.

“For the first time you will be able to find technologies from major vendors all in one place, which will be unique for businesses in the region who now have to travel to places like the U.S. and Europe to get things done.  Our idea is to bring the services of industry leaders such as APC, DELL, EMC, HP and Microsoft to the region.”

Mr. Arnell and his partner Alain Roper believe the center will provide businesses with the tools needed to customize technology to fit the present and growing needs.
They expect to lead innovation and advancement in businesses throughout the region with the services they now provide.

The center launches tomorrow, in a grand ribbon-cutting ceremony, followed by a facility tour, panel presentation and awards ceremony.

ABOUT: Computech is a Microsoft Partner specialized in Strategic IT Consulting, Technology Services and Outsourcing. Since March 2000, we have enabled businesses and governments in the Northeastern Caribbean to align their technology investments with their business objectives by developing and deploying scalable and secure IT infrastructures and applications. 

Computech Technology Center is a collaborative and innovative environment specifically built to deliver strategy briefings, architecture sessions, proof of concept workshops and trainings to businesses, government agencies and academia.



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About Computech

  • Computech service offerings is modeled after the typical decision and planning cycle that organizations go through to implement IT projects: Plan, Develop & Implement, and Operate.

Strategic IT Consulting

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The Technology Center

  • will be a collaborative environment that provides access to innovative technologies and world-class expertise, enabling you to envision, design, and deploy solutions to meet your exact needs.


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