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Citizen Relationship Management
Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Government organizations at all levels are looking for technology that can help their employees more fully engage with their constituents.

Meeting citizen needs—even exceeding their expectations—in a cost-effective manner is something Microsoft Dynamics business applications can help you do. The offerings that follow give you a glimpse into ways that you and your constituency can reap the benefits of greater visibility and collaboration.

311 service centers Now you can actively respond to your citizens by leveraging the same enterprise-grade contact center tools used by high-volume global organizations adapted to meet the unique needs of government service centers.

Justice case management Increasing visibility where you need it most can help key stakeholders across your justice system be more effective. From crime-scene investigation through the trial process, a complete 360-degree view across cases helps to ensure transparency and facilitates review and analysis.

Licenses and permits
Take the paper and the pain out of labor-intensive processes, like tracking the applications for government-issued permits. Your team can be more productive as they deliver a great citizen experience.

Social casework
Provide exceptional care to citizens with disabilities or with ongoing medical conditions and to those who have special needs. Endow these individuals with self-service capabilities that they can easily master, while helping to ensure that key stakeholders are readily accessible for important decisions.

Grants management
At its heart, effective grants management is about empowerment. Now you can streamline the processes involved in distributing those grants with a single, integrated solution that connects to your existing financial systems. This allows you to automate mundane tasks so that your team can stay focused on awarding money to the most deserving applicants.

Government eXtended CRM (XRM)
Whatever your priorities are, chances are great that the powerful foundation of Microsoft Dynamics can help you accomplish them. Easily integrate with existing back-office systems, and build new custom capabilities to meet your needs. An extended citizen relationship management (XRM) development approach can provide the same benefits as a homegrown system at a lower cost and with a faster deployment time.



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